"Maha Sadhana of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa: 10008 times in a day- 22 hours"

Two contrasting truth with India
India & Indians perform poorly healthwise. Mrityunjaya Mantra: Great Death-Conquerting mantra
India known as a World capital of Heart Problems. Assures longevity of lifespan
India also called Diabetic Capital of the World. Free us from all Ailments & Diseases
Blood Pressure is also high with Indians Restore, Strengthen & Nourishes our health
Both problems & solutions are with us. Why shouldn't we try to apply the solution to get rid of the problems?

I am trying Maha Mrityunjaya Japa - Maha Sadhan - 10008 times a day for 23 hours with Rudraksha.

Also Wish to share these rudraksha with all of you to share the benefits of the Mrityunjaya Japa Maha Sadhana

Requesting your wishes, blessings and help.  Srivathsan. (More Details…)

Story Of Vasthu Bhagwan

Story of Vasthu Bhagwan

Before knowing Vasthu in detail (Complete vasthu viz Vasthu Tips, Vasthu advantages, Vasthu remedies, vasthu directions, Vasthu for home vasthu for business or shop) lets enjoy a small story about how vasthu shastra has began.

Once upon a time, An arakkan (Rakshashan) called Andakasuran was having immense pride on his powers bestowed by Shiva (Varam) and became very arrogant. As usual, he gave trouble to everyone including Gods, Angels & Saints in the entire universe. At last, he targeted Shiva too and challenged him. Shiva accepted the challenge and started fighting. Two fought aggressively using all their powers.

A drop of sweat (Viyarvai in tamil) from Mr. Andakasuran fell on earth and a fiend or a demon came from that sweat of Andakasuran. That nameless demon was very hungry and eating everything visible. Even it swallowed the body of Andakasuran’s who was killed by Shiva. Still it felt very very hungry. (ravenous).

Gods, Saints & Angels realized that this demon will swallow all living being in the universe. In unison, they made the demon to fell on the ground and made 45 Gods to sit on the body of the demon. The demon was not able to move but felt very hungry. It pleaded Brahma to get rid of the problem.

Brahma gave varam (Wish) to the Demon that it can eat whatever the offerings made by the people when they start building the house. Also, it can do swallow the wealth and health of the problems those who didn’t construct their building as per Vasthu Shastra (Vastu Principles)